What connections do you see between leadership, ethical practices, and professional knowledge regarding this debate?
March 22, 2021
middle ear cholesteatoma
March 22, 2021

Add 200–300 additional words
responding to the following questions in your final draft:

  • How can science help answer questions about how—or
    if—people should be using nonrenewable energy resources?
  • To support your answer, select 1 example (e.g., oil in
    the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, oil in the Middle East, mountaintop
    mining in Kentucky), and explain the role of science in the
    decision-making process.

Add 1 additional reference.  Be
sure to include the reference as both an in-text citation and an entry on your
Reference list. 

Click on the following link to
review additional informational videos relevant to this assignment: The Diminishing Colorado River and Plate Tectonics and Tsunamis.


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