select a distinct audience and reorganize the content to match the needs, interests, and capabilities of the audience, engineering homework help

1. For Report 3, I want you to revise report 1. You need to select a distinct audience and reorganize the content to match the needs, interests, and capabilities of the audience. For example (there are many others you can select), you could select as an audience students in the second grade in elementary school or a group of potential investors in the technology. Their interests should cause you to create a much different report than the one for the second graders.2. Please review the material about the fog index (Unit 4) to help determine the reading level of your chosen audience. Calculate the Fog index for your initial draft and 2nd draft. Include the calculations at the end of each report.3. There are endless possible audiences. As a preamble (at the beginning) to each report, please identify:a) the expected educational level of the audienceb) the main relation of the audience to the topic, i.e. are they investors, are they studying to work in that field, is this a hobby, are they the general public, are they concerned citizens, are they potential customers of the technology, etc.c) expected audience attitudes toward the topic, i.e. do they like the technology, are they against it, are they in favor of it, are they indifferent to it?d) expected problems with communication (for example, are you trying to discuss highly technical content with a “low-tech” audience)4. Submit your paper online and email your paper your peer reviewer, according to the peer reviewer list by July 12.Do your review of other student’s report and submit online and email to the author by July 31. During the review process, please focus on the ways the author has adapted the content to the audience.After receiving your review, decide if their suggestions were helpful and make needed revisions. Submit V2 by August 4. Remember to enable “track changes” before revising V1. This will show where you added/deleted content, etc.Remember to stay in the 3rd person. You can’t use I, we, you, your, yours, me, mine, our, ours. No colons or semicolons allowed.
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