aspects of domestic violence
October 27, 2018
a specific social, ethnic, or national culture in which gender is characterized differently from your own culture.
October 27, 2018

Governance, or self-regulation, has long been recognized as a privilege given to professions that earn the public trust by demonstrating accountability for their specialized practices” (Maas &Specht, 2001, p. 318). How does this relate to shared governance? As a nursing management form, shared governance emphasizes nurses’ roles and responsibilities in decision making (Anthony, 2004; Hess, 2004). It thus increases each nurse’s influence over the organization, empowering staff and is based on six dimensions of governance.

Control over professional practice
Influence over organizational resources that support practice
Formal authority granted by the organization
Committee structures that allow participation in decision making
Access to information about the organization
Ability to set goals and negotiate conflict

Shared governance can be viewed as a management philosophy, a professional practice model, and an accountability model that focuses on staff involvement in decision making, particularly in decisions that affect their practice. In doing this the model provides staff with autonomy and control over implementation of……

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