Psychology;Case Formulation and Treatment Paper
March 30, 2019
Psychology; Birth order and personality
March 30, 2019

Social Work; Child Maltreatment Lesson 10 case study
For this reflection, work individually to choose your own interdisciplinary "dream team" and plan a response to a case of your choice. The case study may be used from your text, a previous lesson’s case study reflection, or originally authored by the student. Be sure to explain the role of each member of your team in addressing the details of the case.

Meyers, J. E. B. ed., (2012). Child maltreatment: A collection of readings. Sage. ISBN: 978-4129-9506-1

Miller-Perrin, C. & Perrin, R. (2013). Child maltreatment: An introduction. (3rd ed.) Sage. ISBN: 978-1-4522-0579-3

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