Education; case study on any student with special needs, any grade from birth to grade 2.
March 30, 2019
Criminal Justice; Justice system in china
March 30, 2019

Social Work; Opioid epidemics
The purpose of this assignment is to reflect upon and understand how social problems are constructed. We do this at this point in the semester as preparation for your policy analysis. Note that understanding ideological views on social welfare policy can assist in your understanding of how social problems get framed, and how policy responses are shaped by this framing.

1. What objective criteria are involved in identifying the social problem?

2. What is the role of politics in problem identification?

3. How are social problems framed for political advantage?

4. What is the role of media in reinforcing social construction of a "problem"?

5. How do stigma, discrimination, racism, sexism and other factors play into social problem identification?

Opioid Dependence

Watch/read framing resource materials.
Each group read the assigned current or historical article(s) that frames a social issue.
Please identify how the issue-framing is influenced by ideology or social attitudes.
Present an alternative framing of the issue (each group responds- can be individual or group effort)

I will send you the articles in an email
Thank you

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