PSY 550 Group Psychotherapy Written Assignment Unit 1, 2, 3 And 4
February 8, 2021
how lessons from nursing history will impact your own future nursing practice.
February 8, 2021

Solve this question in IRAC method.


Ali, a seventeen (21) years old boy using the credit card of his father (Mr. Osman) to purchase an online ticket to watch a football match at the Trafford Stadium in Manchester, UK. When his father got to know about this, he was angry because the ticket was so expensive. When the father received the bank statement, he refused to pay and call the card credit centre that he would not pay as the transaction was not done by him. Ali argued with his father that previously the father had agreed with him that if he scored in his examination then the father will give allow him to Manchester to watch his favourite team in the match. Analyse the case and advice all the parties involved.

*** Words count = 400 words

*** Refer to at least two text books.

*** Reference should follow APA reference.


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