One of the problems associated with asthma is that once patients experience difficulty breathing, they often make their symptoms worse by…
December 16, 2020
Using any company of your choice, identify their strategy (e. pull, push, differentiation, etc.) and evaluate the effectiveness of that strategy in…
December 16, 2020

Open Spiritual Classics to page 10 and read pages 17-19 including the introduction and the Bible passages. Then answer the following questions:

What do you think it means to live believing in the kinds of “possibilities” Merton mentions on page 17?
Think about what Merton says about the connection between contemplation and the love of God. Why are these things so connected? Do you desire to feel loved by God?   Have you ever tried contemplation? Why or why not?
How does Merton’s “one condition” teach us about all disciplines (that is, all work) involved in the spiritual life? Relate this to other ideas you’ve encountered in the course thus far.

4. Ponder or Practice:
Choose between the following.  

Answer the 2 discussion questions on page 20. OR
Suggested Exercise 1 OR 2. If you choose this option include 1 paragraph reflecting on what it was like to spend 15 minutes (minimum) doing this.


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