Based on the history provided, the health care provider suspects asthma with varying frequency and intensity. Describe whether this condition is restrictive or obstructive and support with evidence
April 30, 2021
Based only on what you’ve just read, what in your opinion is the likelihood of Emma being admitted for short-term inpatient care?
April 30, 2021

You have been asked to give a presentation on the benefits that embryonic stem cell research can yield in the treatment of chronic and life-threatening diseases to a group that opposes this research on moral and religious grounds. In preparing your presentation, you want to be sure that you convey accurate information on the potential benefits of this research, as well as, address the safeguards employed to minimize the risks of abusive use of the research. This activity is comprised two parts. Cite all sources using an APA-formatted bibliography with references.



Part A First, prepare a narrative outline of your presentation. The outline should include a description of at least three (3) potential medical benefits of embryonic stem cell research. It should also define how the stem cell will be obtained and how the research effort will provide safeguards against abuses.
  Your outline should clearly communicate important information you want to share with the group, but it is not the text of your presentation. Your outline should help crystallize your thinking in order to focus your presentation on the important information you want to convey to your audience. (36 points) (A 1-page response is required.)
Part B This part of the activity requires you to anticipate the objections of your audience to embryonic stem cell research and constructively engage them. You are to identify four (4) objections likely to be raised by the audience and prepare your response to these objections. Your response should seek to advance understanding, not solidify or polarize positions. It should be persuasive without attacking or devaluing the opinions or positions of the audience. (64 points) (A 2-page response is required.)


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