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April 4, 2021
400 word summary due
April 4, 2021

Important notes: (Deadline: 9th December at 11.00 AM) (Weightage: 25%) Plagiarism free work (0%)
· Exact 1000 words (Excluding title page & reference page)
· Executive summary
· Introduction & Background information
· Answers of case study questions by using appropriate titles
· Add new ideas and Recommendations. 
· Minimum 12 references
· Add chart or models to link and justify answers. 
· PESTEL or PORTER analysis
(1) Choose an industry you understand and explain how autonomous vehicles might impact that industry. Think about a “to-be” new opportunity autonomous vehicles enable and briefly explain your idea using Kim & Mauborge’s Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid.
(2) Is autonomous driving technology a blue ocean opportunity? Why or why not?
(3) Use Autonomous Vehicles (AV) to illustrate the difference between disruptive and Blue Ocean Strategy, and to discuss the growth model in terms of market-creating strategy.
Assignment Rubrics:
Written   Communication Assessment 10% 
Did not meet expectations
Met expectations
Exceeded expectations
Writing Conventions 
(grammar,   word use, punctuation, mechanics) 
grammatical   errors 
and   misspellings 
inhibit   readability Informal language, abbreviations   and slang are used 
Few   grammatical errors 
(3 or   fewer per page) 
Correct   verb tense used 
Paragraphs   flow from 
one   to another Active 
voice   pervasive 
Free   of grammatical errors 
and   misspellings Effective verb tense used; Uses   phrases and 
construction   that delight as 
well   as inform the reader 
Primarily   active voice 
Overall Effectiveness appearance/format
Not   formatted to Specifications, Lacking professional appearance 
Formatting   is generally 
correct,   acceptable 
professional   appearance. 
Assigned   format followed 
explicitly:   Exceptional 
professional   appearance 
Critical   Thinking and Written Analyses Rubric 90%
Did   Not Meet Expectations
Met   Expectations
Exceeded   Expectations
Writing is not clear. It is 
difficult to understand points 
being made. The writing lacks 
transitions, and few examples and/or illustrations are provided   to support explanation or 
Writing is generally well organized and understood. Transitions   are used to facilitate clarity. Some examples and/illustrations are used to   support explanation or recommendations. 
Writing is succinct, precise, 
effectively organized no ambiguity. Transitions, explanation and elaboration are   extensive to elucidate points. Detailed illustrations and/or examples are   used to support explanation & recommendations
Critical issues/questions are 
omitted or ignored in the writing. 
Most of the critical issues/questions are addressed in the   writing. 
All critical issues/questions 
are addressed completely in writing 
Depth of 
Ignores bias; Omits arguments 
Misrepresents issues; Excludes data; Includes but does not detect   inconsistency   of 
information; Ideas contain 
unnecessary gaps, repetition or extraneous details overlooks differences 
Detects bias; Recognizes arguments; Categorizes content;   Paraphrases data; 
Sufficient detail to support conclusions and/or recommendations 
Analysis includes insightful 
questions; Refutes bias; Discusses 
issues thoroughly; Critiques content; Values information Examines   inconsistencies; 
Offers extensive detail to support conclusions and   recommendations; Suggests solutions/ implementation 
Breadth of Discussion 
Omits arguments or 
perspectives; Misses major 
content areas/concepts; 
Presents few options 
Covers the breadth of the topic without being superfluous 
Considers multiple 
perspectives; Thoroughly delves into the issues/questions; 
Thoroughly discusses relevant facts
Elements of Reasoning 
Fails to draw conclusions or 
conclusions rely on author’s 
authority rather than strength of presentation; Draws faulty   conclusions; Shows intellectual dishonesty 
Formulates clear conclusions with adequate support 
Assimilates and critically 
reviews information, uses 
reasonable judgment, and 
provides balanced, well 
justified conclusions 
Internally Consistent
There is little integration across the sections of the paper.   Several inconsistencies or contradictions exist. Few of the issues,   recommendation and explanations make sense; not well integrated. 
Sections of the paper are generally well linked/connected. Only   minor contradictions exist. Most of the issues, recommendations and   explanations make sense and are well integrated. 
All sections of the paper are 
linked. There are no 
contradictions in the 
writing. All issues, 
recommendations and 
explanations make sense 
and are well integrated 
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