strategies to maintain the motivation of both the student and client/system

Intervention and Evaluation Paper (30% of final grade)
Students will submit a 7 to 8-page paper that builds on their Engagement and Assessment Paper. Students may choose to continue with the same case or select another client or family they are working with in field. Students will reflect on their social work skills as they shift from the assessment phase to the intervention phase, as well as strategies to maintain the motivation of both the student and client/system they are working with.
Use the below headings to organize your paper.
I. Intervention Approach (5 points)
Students will identify the intervention approach they used (or would use) with this client, citing a minimum of 3 scholarly researcharticles to support their choice.  In addition, students will provide specific examples of how they used the specific intervention approach and how they applied their knowledge of human behavior and the person-in-environment framework during the interventions.
II. Community Resources & Advocacy (5 points)
Students will describe how they incorporated community resources and engaged in competent advocacy for individuals or families (or how they could do this if they did not actually intervene in these ways).
III. Social Justice (5 points)
Students will describe how advancing social justice issues are a vital part of the intervention and evaluation phases, as well as how a continuous analysis of agency and community policy help or hinder intervention efforts.
IV. Evaluation (5 points)
Students will describe the evaluation methods and tools they used to monitor and evaluate client progress on goals and will describe the results.  Students will also describe how they used monitoring and evaluation information to guide their practice with the client.
V. Reflection (5 points)
Students will demonstrate the application of the reflective practice skills they identified in their first paper, describing their perceived strengths, successes, and struggles, as well as what they learned and how they have grown as a professional.
APA format: 2 points
Written Expression: 3 points
Make sure you address EVERY aspect of all five sections of the paper. If you do not address each aspect of each section, there will a deduction of points. Simply saying, “I do not know”, “this does not apply to my client”, or “that is not an issue for my client” is not addressing the demands of the paper. You need to use critical thinking skills to dig deeper to make the connections. The purpose of the class papers is to see how well you are integrating what you have read in our text and discussed in class and how it applies in social work practice.

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