summary-response essay to article

Write a summary-response essay to “A Short History of American Immigration.”

In his discussion of American immigration, Gordon explains that the arrival of large groups of immigrants has often caused opposition to immigration in various forms. In your essay, explain some reasons for past and present anti-immigrant sentiments in the United States.

There are many possible reasons for anti-immigrant feelings, and you should write about two or three of them. You may use ideas that you have learned from all the readings we have done so far in this course, our class discussions, the information you have learned in other courses, information you have learned from the news,  and/or your personal experience.

*  The introduction of your essay should start with a summary of the article. You should summarize in your own words and include the name of the author and the title of the reading in quotation marks. The summary should include the topic and main idea of the article.
*    Your thesis should clearly state two or three reasons for anti-immigrant sentiment in the US. It should be the last sentence of the introduction.
*    Each body paragraph should discuss one reason.  You should identify the reason in your topic sentence, explain it, and then give an example or details from the article and/or your experience.
*    Your conclusion should restate the main point of your essay and end with a comment that will make the readers think more about this subject.
* The content should be your ideas or ideas from other readings, not from external research
*    Use academic language, a variety of sentence types, correct sentence structure, correct verb tense and word form, and correct basic punctuation and spelling. Use your word processor’s “review” feature to help you edit and do a word count.


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