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March 22, 2021
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March 22, 2021

Class Project – Teddy Bears
You are the owner of Veronica’s Teddy Bear store. Create a new database called “Teddy Bear” Create a Products table and add at least 6 products into the table. Include such fields as Item description, cost, and Product ID. Set a validation rule on the cost field so that any value entered must be at least $15.00. The cost field should be formatted as Currency. Create a Customers database and add at least 10 customers into the table. Include such fields as Customer ID, Name, Address, Phone. Make First Name and Last Name required fields. Create an orders table. Include such fields as Order date, Date Shipped, Quantity, Customer ID, and ProductID. Set the data type of both the Customer and Product fields to number. Establish the appropriate relationships between your tables. (Customer ID > Customer, Product ID > Product, etc.) Create a lookup-field in your Orders table that looks up the Customer ID number from the Customer Table. Set the field to display the customer first and last name and to store the Customer ID field in the Customer field in the Orders table. Create another lookup field that looks up the Product ID field from the Products table. Set the field to display the Product name and store the Product ID field in the Product field in the Orders table. Enter at least 5 orders into your Orders table using a different customer for each order. Create a multi-table query that displays a list of Customers and the Products they have ordered. Save the query with the name “qryOrders”. Include the following fields: Last Name, First Name, Product description, Quantity and Price. Make sure that even if a customer has not placed an order that they will display when you run the query. Create a Form and a Report based upon the qryOrders query. Include a calculated field both on the form and report that adds together the cost and the quantity. Name the new field “Total”. Format the form and report so that they are as eye appealing as possible. Save the form as “frmProducts” and the report as “rptProducts”.

Create a Main Form using your customers table that includes a subform based upon your Orders table. Rearrange and format the controls on your form to make it as appealing to the eye as possible. Save the form as “frmOrderEntry”. Create a query that includes all fields from your products table. Save the query with the name “qryProducts”. Add a calculated field to add a $3.00 shipping charge to the cost of each product. Name the new field “ShipTotal” Close the database.


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