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December 16, 2020
Week 4 Gender Dysphoria Certification Plan Paper
December 16, 2020

Writing a term paper according to the provided outline(TermPaperOutline.docx ), and the topic is “Should self-driving car be legal on the road?”. Aim for between 12 and 15 pages, with the length depending in part on the amount of factual background that you need to provide for the audience. Your target audience for the paper is an educated professional who is familiar with computers (as a user) and what is going on in the world, but is not a computer scientist. That’s whom you want to convince that your position is correct.
There must be a bibliography/references section using either the APA guidelines (see Writing Arguments for details) OR ACM/IEEE format. Do not use MLA format.
Make sure that the references you cite are appropriate, correctly formatted and all appear consistently in both the body of the text (citations) and in the references/bibliography section.


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