The PBS children program Sesame Street is well-known for providing cultural and educational fun shows to teach children about social issues, basic concepts, and self-awareness.
June 7, 2020
Perspectives on a Famous Personality
June 7, 2020

The Branch Davidian cult was known for its confrontation with law enforcement in Waco, Texas during the early 1990s.  

Please address the following questions in your short essay 1 to 2 pages double space

Do you think the Branch Davidian cult was justified in its actions or was law enforcement correct in engaging in suppression efforts? Why?

If you were in charge of law enforcement during the confrontation at Waco, Texas, how would you have handled this sensitive situation?

Discussion board question: The below questions, please answer them as question 1 and question 2.

[1] What stood out to you about the Branch Davidian cult that you would like to discuss more with the class?

[2] What do you think about the confrontation that took place between the Branch Davidian cult and federal authorities in Waco, Texas?  What are your thoughts on how the confrontation affected the American public at the time?


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