respond with a paragraph citations and references 89
April 3, 2021
course project health assessment health history and nursing diagnosis 1
April 3, 2021

 You are required to write a detailed and convincing MEMO.
I add the MEMO Powerpoint slides here(306_CreatingaMemo). You can use these slides to create an effective and properly formatted MEMO
Remember what this lecture focuses on: ethics and the role they play in business. Most business products are designed to increase production and drive profit. This question was created with this in mind. You can write as much as you want to write, but be absolutely sure your ideas are clear and detailed. And, be sure you have addressed the ethical issues raised by the question.
 the prompt is  [3500_Ethics_Rocket_Board_2020]
Samples are two after PPT and prompt.
Please read and write carefully, I need two pages Memo to submit!!!


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