Demonstrate understanding of developmental, cognitive, psychosocial, cultural, and physiological life processes of the woman as she progresses from the onset of menses through the childbearing period, and concluding with menopause
October 10, 2018
Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care, Joyceen S. Boyle & Margaret M. Andrews. (2015), 7th edition.
October 10, 2018

Note: Evidence can be internal, based on clinical expertise, and/or from scholarly literature. 3. Explain the causes of the problem. 4. Identify the stakeholders. a. Discuss each stakeholder’s interest, power, and influence in relation to the project. D. Explain the purpose of your project. E. Explain your proposed solution for your project. F. Provide an evidence summary to support your proposed change. 1. Provide a reference list for your evidence summary in APA format that includes a minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years. Note: This reference list refers specifically to your evidence summary only. G. Explain your proposed implementation plan, which includes the following: 1. plan of action 2. timeline 3. needed resources and personnel 4. proposed change theory 5. barriers to implementation H. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format. You will not be conducting primary research and will not need human subject protection for your project. You will complete a review of the literature and then develop an evidence summary. You will identify best practices based on the evidence presented in the findings of the published literature. Plan of Action Be prepared to discuss the steps you have taken as you have been laying the foundation for your capstone project. You will need to describe meetings or agreements (support commitments or negotiations) that have occurred or will occur. These meetings/agreements may include those with your preceptor, stakeholders, management, or executives in your organization. Your plan of action needs to provide a succinct explanation of what will occur to successfully implement your capstone project. You may not have a step-by-step plan at this point, but you should have a clear idea of actions that need to occur. Timeline Your timeline at this point should be an estimated timeline. You do not have to know specific dates; however, you should be able to provide an estimation of the time involved with each step of your action plan. Your timeline should include general information about when you anticipate achieving the various milestones in your project. Required Resources and Personnel Identify the resources needed for the planning and implementation of your capstone project. Resources may include financial support, time, classroom space, printing cost, equipment, personnel adjustments, or reallocation of staffing. Defining your Change Theory Deciding on which change theory to use will help you develop a framework for your evidence-based project. A change theory can serve as a guideline for stakeholder interaction and can provide guidance for a process necessary to design a strong plan for implementation. The following article may be a good resource to assist you with selection of the appropriate change theory:

Barriers to Implementation]]>


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