Uses of Assessments Week 3 Question 6 help
December 18, 2020
HSA 525
December 18, 2020

We begin with the economic thought of the Greek philosophers, particularly Aristotle, who understood economic behavior to be a part of nature, but were suspicious of the intentions of individuals who were not “trained” to behave wisely. Teachings of the Greek philosophers were merged with Christian teachings by the Scholastic doctors, who developed a commercial code intended to promote economic justice. As nation-states emerged economic thought turned to the means by which one state can gain economic advantage over its neighbors. 

SPIEGEL: Chapters 1,2 (all) 3 (rhrough p55 and pp.60-65) 4 (Through p.81) MEDEMA and SAMUELS: Aristotle (Politics and Nichomachean Ethics) Thomas Acquinas (through page 25) Thomas Mun 

QUESTIONS: 1) Describe the difference between Economics and Chermatistics (the art of getting money) in Aristotle’s Thought. Why was he suspicious of Chermatistics?) How does this compare with the thought of the Stoics? The Epicurians? 2) How do Thomas Acquinas’ standards of fairness in buying and selling compare to modern assumptions of what must be satisfied in order for competitive markets to function?

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