create a Two-Part PowerPoint to explain2 goals from the Healthy People website that you feel affect your community and how to you discover what the patient’s learning style is?
December 17, 2020
political science question 73
December 17, 2020

1. It will be a presentation (timeline) 5-7-minute.
– innovations in book design from the Renaissance until the early 20th century (that gives you about 500 years to work with, give or take!). What major accomplishment(s) will you focus on? Which designers and illustrators will you choose to highlight, and why?
– at least 2 images from the study guide and at least 3 images we have not looked at in class. (again this is the 15th-19th centuries).
(You are obviously not limited to any specific region/location nor any specific illustrator/designer)
– that clearly describes the stylistic and innovative changes, who made them and when they were made, and why in a clear, concise manner that also underscores the social and political atmosphere of the time.
– Your sources must be cited at the end.

2. It will be 7 paragraphs.
– Introduction.
The first paragraph (the first example – from the study guide)
The second paragraph (the second example – from the study guide)
The third paragraph (the third example – not from the study guide)
Fourth Paragraph (Fourth Example – Not from the study guide)
The fifth paragraph (the fifth example – not from the study guide)
– Conclusion


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