Analyze and describe whether gender-bender missions still exist
December 17, 2020
Singapore Airlines Case Study
December 17, 2020

I am currently in a Macroeconomics course and would appreciate some help based on an organization and a product I had to choose from Industry Week. The organization I chose was the Nike Inc. company and their product I chose was their Women and Men’s running shoes on their web site. Here are some following web site information regarding Nike:
Nike Company Profile 2015:
About Nike Corporation:
Product Information for both Men and Women’s Running Shoes:
The organization’s strategic plan calls for an aggressive growth plan, requiring investment in facilities and equipment, growth in productivity, and labor over the next five years. It is your task to determine where, outside the United States, your organization should locate its new manufacturing plant (My country of choice to use is China since it seems a lot of products get manufactured over in that Asian country). According to this recent web site article, it seems their productivity has been causing a recent slowdown over there:
I have to write a 1,050-word report recommending an off-shore country (China) and support your choice with the following data, include both an introduction and conclusion:

The factors that determine the country’s (China) productivity
How the country’s (China) policies influence its productivity growth
How the country’s (China) financial system is related to key macroeconomic variables
How your organization can reduce the  risk they would face in relocating
The current and projected unemployment over the next five years

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources, include web sites where they were pulled from specifically. Also, include peer-reviewed citations with essay.
Format consistent with APA guidelines. 
I appreciate any help I can receive on this and if possible to receive an answer within two days to help give enough time for me too look over and help with research. Thanks!
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