The reflection of The Infinite Game

Compose a well-written reflection addressing Simon Sineks The Infinite Game, its application in ethical leadership, and its application in your life.
You may use the following questions as prompts for your reflection:

1. What resonated with you the most in The Infinite Game? Why? What was new to you and what did you already know?
2. After learning about finite and infinite mindsets, could you point out leaders in your life that operated with one or the other? What was it like to be led by them?
3. What implication do you think The Infinite Game has on your life? What about the field of business?
4. Discuss the application of The Infinite Game in ethical leadership. Do you think the revised responsibility of business could make an impact? Why or why not?
5. Will you begin to implement the five essential practices of an infinite-minded leader in your life? Why or why not? Which part will be most difficult for you?
6. Has this book changed the way you think about leadership? Has it changed the way you see business? Or ethics? Is there anything you see from a different lens after reading?
7. What are you taking away from this that will help you be a better leader? Or just better overall?


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