Research Required for Request for Proposal – research and analyze the critical needs of the hospital
December 17, 2020
300 word count discussion post about judge Richard Posner
December 17, 2020

For this assignment, imagine yourself a manager within the human resources department. Make a case for a leadership training program to address the pitfalls discussed in Comaford’s article, The Value of Valuing Employees, in this module’s required reading.
Write a persuasive business communication to senior management. In some workplaces a communication of this sort may be sent out as an email; in other organizations, it may be a paper attachment to an email or perhaps a document presented in a management meeting.
In the body of your communication, address these three aspects of your topic in 1-2 single-spaced pages.

Describe the problem
Recommend a solution
Provide the expected outcomes

Use the sample memo template (link below) for the assignment.
Be aware that this week’s assignment will be the basis for the Portfolio assignment you will submit at the end of the term.
please no similarity,he does use turnitin to check for any similarityies 

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