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December 17, 2020
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December 17, 2020

APA formatting

Scholarly sources

Theoretical framework section of a paper on women and substance use disorder in rural areas.

Need framework and theory section done


describe the theoretical/conceptual framework in the scholarly

literature that will ground the study. Base this description on the problem, purpose, and

background of your study. This theoretical or conceptual framework informs, and is informed by,

the research question(s) and helps to identify research design decisions, such as the method of

inquiry and data collection and analysis. **Here you explain the theory or theoretical framework that is providing the lens of your study or driving the study. This means you cite seminal research of this theory/theorist/framework and not textbooks. You should not cite one single textbook in this prospectus. Your theory/framework should guide your RQs and your measure if quant.

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