Topic 4 DQ 1- 3

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Please respond to the following post, with your opinion, add citations and references, if use it.

nurse can gather cultural information from family involvement. Families
gather around in times of illness, for moral support and to offer
input. Mothers are deeply involved in the care of their children, even
adults, sometimes. Men are deeply involved in the care of their wives.
Families are deeply involved in the care of the elders.

can get our patients to agree for us to release information to their
family members. We also need to be sensitive to the feelings of those
who aren’t that familiar with the confidentiality policies of American healthcare. We need to explain the policies as well.

takes a whole family to raise a person in some cultures, and to keep
him or her healthy and happy. I live/work in the New Jersey/New York
area and am exposed to many, many different religions, races, and
cultures. In my facility, we ask the patient if there are any cultural
or religious requests they have related to their care upon admission. I
have found that if you just treat people respectfully and ask them what
you should do, they will usually tell you and that is enough to provide
good care.

Nursing involves caring for the patient as a “whole”,
meeting their psychological needs as well as their physical needs. A
good nurse will provide competent, knowledgeable, and compassionate
cultural care. Cultural competence is a demonstration of knowledge and
understanding of cultures other than one’s own and respecting the
differences in beliefs, customs, language ,
and perspective. Adapting medical care to best meet the needs of a
diverse patient population is an important aspect of cultural competence
in nursing care.

If you suspected a patient was experiencing
challenges (not following treatment plans, missing appointments) due to
cultural preferences, what steps would you take to understand their

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