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June 7, 2020
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June 7, 2020

Tour Guide Your Tour – Powerpoint Assignment


Teacher Instructions and words are following: –


As you know, this was originally going to be an in-class presentation.

I am now asking for the following:


  • Minimum 6 slides
  • Based on the tour you have created this semester
  • Imagine you are a Tour Director from Canada. It is the very first multi-day tour you are going to be leading in your career and you are incredibly excited for this wonderful opportunity
  • What steps would you take to prepare for this tour as a Tour Director?
  • You have never been to the destination you are about to go to
  • This is a senior travelers group. They don\’t know each other. There could be couples or solo travelers.
  • Based on everything you have learned this semester, describe the steps you would take to prepare for your first tour
  • Pictures are essential
  • Please add notes at the bottom of each slide as to what you would have said in class if you were presenting

More instructions:

 This is based on the tour you have created.


Pictures of the destination. Pictures of the hotel, etc.


This is more of a details presentation and less pictures. You will be putting a step by step presentation of how you as a tour leader would prepare for the tour based on the criteria I put. 

This is based on pre trip. You can put as many points on each slide as you want.


A couple of examples are:

  • Read through all booking forms of the passengers to see if there are any medical / food restrictions.
  • Go through the itinerary in detail and research all of the spots you will be visiting so you are well informed in case passengers ask questions (since you\’ve never been to the destination before)
  • Bring extra rooming lists in case the hotel doesn\’t have a printer

My suggestion is to go through the PowerPoint presentations we went though in class about tour guiding. There are a lot of helpful hints in there as well.




For your help:

***Some Important Notes: -I already submitted one powrpoint assignment which was called  selling your tour that was also based on my itinerary/tour. I did the PowerPoint totally based on the itinerary and I copied all the information from there (itinerary). So, please read the instructions properly and try to make it different from the selling your tour assignment. Do not copy anything from itinerary because I already created one selling tour PowerPoint. For your help I am providing the selling your tour PowerPoint instructions here which I allready submitted : –

  • Sell me your tour. What makes me want to go on the tour you have created?
  • What is special about the destination?
  • What is great about the hotel or hotels you have chosen?
  • Pictures are essential
  • Please add notes at the bottom of each slide as to what you would have said in class if you were presenting

This is not your work. I just give you for your help. I already submitted it. Focus on the First two instructions .


For any other information or help please text me or email me



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