make sure you have a thesis that is answer the question specifically as an argument and you support that argument referring to historical texts and figures about 5 6 paragraphs 1
March 11, 2021
Applied health research project
March 11, 2021

In considering healthcare system trade-offs, politics plays a major role. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current Medicaid system in the United States based on individual state policies is important to the political and legal platforms each state faces. As organizations seek to implement HMIS and IT program development, upgrades, and evaluations the organizations must be capable of separating the IT failures, budget overruns, and exogenous changes in enrollment that affect the healthcare system. In a minimum of 250 words (with citations), discuss the following: -Who is responsible on the state political level to propose legislature to overcome healthcare organizations concerns (trade-off) relating to patient enrollment and budget overruns? -What is your state’s responsibility in preparation for healthcare change such as the ACA? -How do healthcare leader’s best integrate pre-existing conditions and long-term illness?


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