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April 30, 2021
i want you to write 1000 words or 3 to 4 page about agile no plagiarism
April 30, 2021

Details of Task: “When a typical manager cares more about performance, what employees can give to or get from the workplace apparently prevails over what they want from the job.” Use 1 or 2 appropriate theory/theories to justify this statement. (Theories materials attached as pdf, choose 1 or 2 from these)
The following guidelines apply to your essay:

Use at least 7 recent, refereed quality journal articles (within the past eight years) and no more than 1 book for the basis of your academic discussion. You need to ensure that your theory and these sources are related to the essay statement. (Research tips attached)
Make sure you appropriately cite (APA 6th) theoretical model(s) and research findings presented in the unit to date that support your argument.
Do not cite non-academic sources.
Ensure that your essay is well structured, analytical and based on the accumulated body of scientific knowledge on individual behaviour.

Word limit:1500 words (+/- 10%). This excludes references.
Presentation requirements: You should present your work in an academic style, including: correct citation and referencing (APA 6th ) style, Times New Roman (12 font) font, 1.5 spacing between lines,2.5 cm justified margins (on all sides)
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