Interpret the injunction being used in this case and justify why it would be the appropriate choice
April 3, 2021
part two 4 short essays respond grammatically correct pull specific textual evidence from the text we discussed in class
April 3, 2021

Watch ^American Factory^ (Directed by Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar).
answer 4 questions below, total 300-400 words
1. How would you describe the culture of the US-born workers employed to work in the Fuyao factory?2. How would you describe the culture of the Chinese-born workers and management who were brought to Ohio by the new owners to work in – and manage – the Fuyao factory?3. What are some of the issues that ensued as these two constituencies worked side-by-side in the new Dayton, OH factory?4. Consider at least one additional OB concept, and discuss how it relates to the situation in this movie.


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