Int HR Unit VI
June 9, 2021
 Consider the “unsolved problems” and critical issues in mental health in your own community. Identify one problem with which you have some expertise or first-hand experience. Consult the “report car
June 9, 2021

Here’s a link to your week 4 assignment details: W4 Assignment

W4 Midterm

Midterm Banner

To access this week’s Midterm, select the link above or the “Exams” link in the left hand navigation menu. This Midterm is timed (2 hours) and must be completed in one sitting. It will automatically submit at the end of 120 minutes. The Midterm consists of 20 questions. You may submit your work in the W4 Midterm Work dropbox afterwards.

For the 20 questions on the midterm please attach a word doc for your work


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