NURS 6501N Pathphysiology
June 7, 2020
Discussion 1
June 7, 2020

By Day 5 Please the headings that are posted below.


Responses to Colleagues Templates (There are two)

Response to Colleagues Template One

Two Colleagues Five Additional Ideas for Each Colleague


APA References


Response to Colleagues Template Two

One Colleague Response

Design Thinking Process Observations

APA References

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

Respond to your colleagues by doing the following:

  1. First, respond to the Discussion posts of two colleagues. If possible, respond to colleagues who have not yet received feedback on their original post.
    • Consider the problem they have described, and brainstorm at least 5 additional ideas that might solve their problems. Post your ideas as a response to your colleagues to help them consider new aspects of their problem.
  2. Second, respond to the post of one of your colleagues (you may choose one of the colleagues for whom you offered new ideas, or select another colleague’s post. If possible, respond to a colleague who may not yet have received feedback):
    • Select one of the ideas you find most interesting as a possible solution and make a case for why this idea could be a potential solution to the problem identified by your colleague.
    • Additionally, as part of your response, share your observations about the design thinking process. Explain aspects of it that were helpful in generating ideas and evaluating solutions

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Patricia Heffron

RE: Discussion – Week 5


Workspace observations


  1. Can get distracted at times
  2. Lighting is perfect
  3. Temperature is comfortable
  4. Access to all needs
  5. Dogs are present


Description of One Particular Problem


The workspace I use the majority of the time is in my basement. It is comfortable with good lighting. I have access to everything I would need, including my computer for research and any other school needs. The most comforting aspect is that my dogs are near me. The one aspect that can be difficult at times, especially when I am not completely focused, is my television and my phone. These things can be distracting as I may pick up my phone and call someone or play a game. I may also turn a show on or watch a movie if I am not completely motivated to complete my task.


Innovative Ideas List From Phase 2


To resolve my problem of distraction while doing work, I will look into these solutions:

  1. Work in my home office
  2. Remove phone from work area
  3. Do not turn on TV
  4. Meditate to gain focus
  5. Complete all other tasks prior to sitting down for school work
  6. Use TV and phone as reward for completing work
  7. Exercise prior to school work
  8. Work from place of employment
  9. Walk dogs prior to doing work
  10. Work from dining room


By thinking through what is needed to help reduce distraction, I realized that many things could help. When getting down to the real problem, I am able to better realize the focus of the solutions. After seeing what I need to solve my problem, the above are the solutions that I think will help the most. I will now be able to test them to see what works best for my situation and hopefully I will be successful in having fewer distractions while completing my work (Brown, 2008).


APA References


Brown, T. (2008, June). Design thinking.Harvard business review, 86(6), 84-92.



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John Ezomo

RE: Discussion – Week 5


Phase 1: Inspiration

What about the working space is already optimized or ideal?

I have the liberty to put on or off the lights, work desk, sense of security, ample area to work, and computer

Why do these things work well?

The music playing in the background of my working space works well for me while working.

What about the workspace could be improved?

Organization of mess up in the room should be enhanced.

Are there problems or difficulties that you repeatedly experience?

Unstable internet connection

What behaviors, functions, and interactions that take place in your workspace seem interesting or notable?

The interaction that takes place in my workspace is my family. My parents and siblings always check on me and when am worn out they motivate me. They dance with me to the beats of the music to distract me from my tedious work. They bring me food and drinks when I don’t get out of my workspace.

Problematic aspect

My greatest problem is the internet connection. At times the connection is strong but very weak at some periods. It is a big deterrent to my studies because I rely on it while watching online lectures. It has always disappointed me because I have to check the internet connection devices if they are in place and refresh the browser. I have missed several lectures due to internet failures. The providers have checked but they can’t figure out the problem.

Phase 2: ideation

Purchase a modern router

Move the working place closer to the router

Advance the internet package

Look for another internet provider

Place a Wi-Fi amplifier

Place two new routers, so that if one fails you use the other one

Contact a variety flo-tech

Put off all inactive devices

Change the location of the router

Seek internet specialist’s advice



Blumenthal D, &Tavenner M. (2010). The “meaningful use” regulation  for electronic health records. N Engl J Med.

Brown, T. (2008). Design thinking. Harvard Business Review, 86(6), 84–92. Retrieved from

Brown, B., & Scott, A. D. (2011). How P&G tripled its innovation  success rate. Harvard Business Review, 89(6), 64– 72.

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