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February 11, 2021
GEO ..
February 11, 2021

What are all of the current restrictions in place (such as numbers of people that can gather has now been announced as just 2, if not from your household)?
What are all of the govt funds currently being offered, including those relating to social payments/allowances, and telehealth/mental health supports?
And following on from that, what does that mean for us in terms of funds for community service orgs and processes for accessing those funds – especially those relating to new money being announced for welfare agencies, food & essentials, domestic violence and mental health responses? This should consider residential aged care, community aged care, disability, as well as the broad offering.

Happy to chat about this, but it would be good to get something through soon. And to keep tracking this as it evolves and further announcements are made (in all three areas). Perhaps you could modify the attached document that team are working from – with information as of the 24th – into a live document on Google docs. Just one thought of how we can keep this going without creating page and pages for them to look over



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