Why is eating nutrient dense foods important?
May 8, 2018
Evaluate ways quality assurance/improvement and clinical outcome measurements are supported by clinical information systems.
May 8, 2018


For the viral agent describe it including structure, type of genome, and life cycle include cell receptor for invasion and cell tropism for the viral agent. How does it actually cause disease. What are the symptoms of disease with this pathogen?
Describe the epidemiology for the viral disease. How much of a public health problem is it? Who is more susceptible to disease from this pathogen? Thinking about the “Chain of infection/transmission “, what are unique features of the pathogen that allow for or limit transmission. Include source of the pathogen, means of transmission, incubation period, duration of the disease and outcome, infectious dose, and means of exit from the host.
What are the components of an “epidemiological Investigation Outline” for investigation of this outbreak. Discuss the aspects of the disease that contributed (or may contribute ) to containing the outbreaks as well identifying hurdles to containing the outbreak or preventing future outbreaks. A way of viewing this component is: What are the features of the outbreak that favor effective control and what features of the outbreaks pose problems for control?
What are problems related to vaccine development? What is the definition of HBGAs? Why might researchers be interested in development of a polyvalent vaccine that would induce a protective IgA response in those vaccinated?


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