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February 21, 2021
Week 4 Communicating you Project Plan
February 21, 2021

Organizational change initiatives  are a team effort. It is the job of the leadership team to ensure that transition is a success. To do so, the right leaders must be put in place,  and each must hold a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
Examine the Delta Pacific Case Study, then analyze the following:

What are the challenges facing Delta Pacific?
What change initiative would be most effective to implement within this organization? (Use the Rasmussen Resource Library if you need assistance with identifying change models.)
What type of change leaders need to be put in place? (Ex.: Change Lead, Change Managers, Change Analyst, etc.)
What departments, areas, and stakeholders will each leader be responsible for?
Where will each change leader be most effective?
What roles will each change leader need to play at their level of influence?

Leadership Structure Plan
Utilizing the above information, create a Leadership Structure Plan that includes the following:

At least three change leader positions to be put in place for the change initiative.
Description of each change leader’s roles and responsibilities.
Account of departments they will lead.
A short description of how each position will effectively aid in the success of the initiative.

Note: When creating  your plan, think in terms of a job description and job analysis, and the detail used to specifically identify the roles and responsibilities of each particular job assignment. Â While this particular project does not have a page requirement, keep in mind that a thorough plan  should be no less than 3 pages in length.
The paper should include an APA formatted cover page and reference page.
1.Provides the required three change leadership roles including a detailed explanation of their roles and effectiveness towards initiative success.
2.Provides a detailed description of at least three change leadership roles and
Provides detailed account of areas of departmental leadership responsibility.

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