How do your expectations and beliefs contribute to your reaction?
December 3, 2018
Describe in detail how a young child’s fine motor skills are developed
December 3, 2018

Marriage and Family Life – 250 words

Respond to one of the following questions:

1.  Why do people marry?  Earlier in the course we addressed romantic love and dating.  Using sociological analysis, address the micro-level and macro-level factors that may impact the decision to marry.  Two important individual factors that affect marital happiness are marital roles and communication. How do expectations and role responsibilities interact to affect the way one feels about marriage?

2. Identify and explain three ways that the economy and/or work can impact the family in the U.S.  Analyze those factors from a micro- and macro-level.  In your analysis, also address interrelated social factors, such as social class and gender.

3. Visit What is something new or interesting that you found related to people’s decision not to marry? Share a summary of what you found and relate it to this week’s topic/s.


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