Why is eating nutrient dense foods important?
May 8, 2018
Evaluate ways quality assurance/improvement and clinical outcome measurements are supported by clinical information systems.
May 8, 2018

Your consulting group recently was contacted by the newly hired administrator of Comfort Care Nursing Home a non-profit facility in Centerville a United States community of 450000 residents. A newspaper in the State capital is publishing a very critical series of articles on the States nursing homes especially the quality of care for nursing home residents. Centervilles paper has invited you to submit an opinion piece in which you have the opportunity to explain the realities of the environment in which nursing homes function. The administrator asks you to draft the piece for her cautioning you against taking any tone that could appear to be unduly self-serving!
What is the closest counterpart to a U.S. nursing home in the Saudi Arabia health care system? Does is share any of the same challenges you have discussed? Explain.


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