Critique a qualitative and quantitative research study from the attached literature review articles and write a ONE PAGE RESEARCH PROPOSAL for incorporating a specific evidence-based study in your workplace
May 8, 2018
Name, define, and describe in-depth what physical stimulus is necessary in order for the perception to occur
May 8, 2018

you did a good job on the previous assignment.

Video Assignment: Psychosis Scenario 3 (CONVOD #281)
Answer and submit questions asked in the video scenario

Fifty-Two Year Old Male with Abdominal Pain and Elevated Amylase, SGOT, SGPT diagnosed with Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome and Delirium Tremens.

1)What nursing diagnoses are relevant to the care of this patient? Prioritize the nursing actions that should be considered for this patient and identify the data that supports your actions.
2) What orders would you anticipate from the doctor?


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