Explain the protection of human subjects and cultural considerations
October 27, 2018
How has the organization/agency affected facilities where you are practicing and your own professional practice?
October 27, 2018

Syntheses are concise, double-spaced, APA or MLA formatted, 2 page papers to be turned in every 2-3 weeks. They are critical essays, not “reflection papers,” in which you provide thoughtful considerations of our course readings, films, discussions, and guest speakers.

Please pick one prompt. Your synthesis 1 is due September 11th at 8am. As a point of clarity, the synthesis paper is meant to “synthesize” your knowledge with the various articles and presentations in the class. For the purposes of this synthesis paper you will need to base your paper on the articles/presentations. This means it may be easier to write a successful paper by using at least 2 direct quotes from the class/articles within the paper. Please refer to the syllabus to additional guidelines regarding the format of the synthesis paper

1) What or how do particular cultural/social views/biases impact the perception of validity and “correctness” of various social/cultural intelligences? An example would be Dr. Anthony-Stevens cultural views that emphasize  “correct posture” or respect through language that correlate with her cultures values on the individuals difference to power structures.


2) Using at least 2 examples (as defined in the text book) of either 1} enculturation, 2}Norms, 3} Values, 4}Symbols, 5}Mental Map of Reality, 6}Cultural Relativism 7}Unilinear Cultural evolution 8} Historical Particularism 9} Power 10} Hegemony or 11}Agency , how does your culture allow you to view….Colin Kaepernick, Brett Kavanaugh or Donald Trump.


3) Take 2 quotes from the class/articles that you find of particular importance. How do these ideas impact your perception of anthropology.


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