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January 16, 2021
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January 16, 2021

Which is a term applied to an evolutionary process whereby humans modify,

Question 42 pts

A person raised in the Andean highlands has relatively larger lung volume than does a person raised in the lowlands. This difference is best explained by:

Physical adaptation

Physiological adaptation

Hormonal adaptation

Developmental acclimatization

Genetic acclimatization

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Question 52 pts

Which of the following are basic changes that mark the transition from Neolithic village life to life in the first urban centers? Choose all that apply:

diversification of food resources.

agricultural innovation.

diversification of labor.

central government.

social stratification.

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Question 62 pts

Which of the following are seen in the pattern of human evolution history? Choose all that apply.

Natural selection acting on anatomically modern Homo sapiens within the last 10,000 years

Evidence of an adaptive shift starting around 1.8 mya relating to changes in body size, subsistence patterns, and technology changes

A shift from extractive foraging to food production starting about 40,000 years ago

Several groups of hominins that are not directly in the modern human lineage (our evolutionary cousins)

Evolution of increased brain size then bipedal locomotion

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Question 72 pts

As discussed in class, genetic adaptations to environmental stresses are

seen only in nonhuman animals

long term microevolutionary changes within a population

always temporary

short-term evolutionary changes within an individual

the same as acclimatization responses

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Question 82 pts

Molecular information from Ust’-Ishim Man, an anatomically modern Homo sapiensfossil dated to 45,000 years ago shows about _% admixture with Neandertals.






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Question 92 pts

Nonconcordant variation means:

traits vary between populations at the same rate

the presence of one trait can predict another

traits vary gradually between neighboring populations

traits vary between populations in a predictable pattern

traits vary between populations, but not at the same rate

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Question 102 pts

Primary innovation differs from secondary innovation because:

it involves modification of primary knowledge

it involves careful experimentation to create a new technique

it involves chance discovery of a new idea

it rarely leads to changes in technology

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Question 112 pts

Lactase persistence is a that typifies _ communities.

developmental adaptation; foraging

developmental acclimatization; pastoralist

genetic adaptation; pastoralist

genetic adaptation; agricultural

genetic adaptation; foraging

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Question 122 pts

In regards to hominin tool kits, a blade is defined as being:

made only out of obsidian

twice as wide as it is long

a tool that takes fewer steps to make than a flake tool

twice as long as it is wide

a tool that occurs in high frequency during the middle paleolithic

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Question 132 pts

Which is a term applied to an evolutionary process whereby humans modify, either intentionally or unintentionally, the genetic makeup of a population of plants or animals?






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Question 142 pts

Many characteristics that have traditionally been used to define ‘races’ in human populations:

are polygenic.

are the product of Mendelian inheritance.

do not vary within groups.

can easily be altered

easily draw distinct boundaries between populations.

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Question 152 pts

Admixture is a term used by population geneticists to indicate:

the exchange of genetic information between different species

population separation due to behavioral boundaries

population separation due to geographic boundaries

the exchange of cultural information between populations that have been separated for a long time

the exchange of genetic information between populations that have been separated for a long time

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Question 162 pts

What is the benefit of an atlatl?

It is used for fishing.

It can be used as a drill

It is used for starting fires.

It is used to increase the force and distance of a spear throw.

It is a unique type of projectile point

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Question 172 pts

Bergmann’s rule

is based on the principle that heat is retained at the body surface

states that a linear body with long arms and legs is optimal for cold climates

states that bodies with increased mass or volume to surface area are optimal for cold climates

is based upon the principle that as arms increase in length, there is a corresponding increase in surface area

concerns the relationship between climate and shape and size of appendages

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Question 182 pts

According to the complete replacement model, the transition from premodern to modern Homo sapiens

only occurred once, in Africa

began about 200,000 years ago in Asia

occurred first in Europe

occurred in several regions of the Old World simultaneously

began about 10,000 years ago in Indonesia

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Question 192 pts

Which of the following is NOT a physiological acclimatization to thermal stress:



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