Importance of Theory in Nursing
April 22, 2018
Describe a current technology that offers decision support data to assist in the delivery of care
April 22, 2018

Discussion Question 1:
Which would be the most appropriate researchable population for use in your research project? What are the challenges of obtaining a sample from this population? How could you address those challenges? (Essential I-IX)
Discussion Question Number 2:
Identify a state health policy and the tools used to implement the policy. How do you think the political climate has affected the choice of policy tools and the behavioral assumptions by policymakers? How have professional nursing organizations been involved in this policy issue? If they have not, what recommendations would you make for them to participate? Develop a few talking points to inform other health care professionals regarding this issue.
Discussion Question Number 3:
Find a study published in a nursing journal in 2010 or earlier that is described a s a pilot study. Do you think the study really is a pilot study, or do you think this label was used inappropriately? Search forward for a larger subsequent study to evaluate your response.


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