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April 5, 2021
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April 5, 2021

 Term Paper 
For your term paper, you’ll concentrate on three new cases found in the Term Paper module. Read each case carefully.
First present an analysis of the cases that demonstrates what you take to be the core issue that they all have in common. In order to do this you may summarize each case very briefly, but summary is not the primary goal. Your primary goal should be to argue that there is a common issue that is at the heart of all three cases. (Note there may share more than one ethics concern. You should only analyze and discuss one.)
Second, using the ideas found in the textbook make the case for a general ethical principle that applies to the cases (i.e. one that responds to the central dilemma presented earlier). A principle is an action guiding rule that helps you solve problems (i.e. do not eat a whole pie right before going to bed). An ethical principle is therefore an action guiding rule that helps you solve moral problems. 
Third, demonstrate how the principle can be applied to resolve the problems in each case.
Be sure to consider counter-arguments and any additional, relevant ideas in the essay.
The term paper should be 1600 words.
NOTE: I’ve asked for a core issue that they have in common. This does not mean that the resolutions all fall on the same side of the issue. For example, MLB, the NBA and the NFL all have the core issue of labor union membership (if you were a player would you join the union?), but the unions in MLB and the NBA are strong, while the NFL’s is weak, and the MLB and NFL unions have an antagonistic relationship with their team owners while the NBA union has a cooperative relationship with NBA owners. So, if you argued, as a general principle, that a person should join a union only if it’s strong and has a good relationship with the owners, then that principle would lead to the conclusion that you should join the NBA union, but not the MLB and NFL unions. Similarly, in the above cases the common ethical principle that you think applies to all of the cases might lead to different solutions in each case (e.g. in one case the principle leads to you argue for firing someone and in another you argue against firing anyone) .
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