How should the nursing profession respond to this frightening new legal threat of criminal prosecution?
April 4, 2021
Select one of the following scenarios related to a specific nursing. Think about what you would do in the scenario presented and post your ideas. Applying Nursing Theory Discussion
April 4, 2021

(((((((Write a 1000 word paper answering all of the attached questions. Use Hofstede’s dimensions to justify your decisions. Use APA formatting, and CITE ALL SOURCES. You should have at least THREE peer reviewed sources. The following website is a great resource but can not be used as a peer reviewed source: (Links to an external site.)

Here is an example of using Hofstede’s dimensions for the USA: “How would you form work teams?”

The United States scores 40 in Power Distance (Hofstede Insights, 2019) meaning workers don’t accept inequalities, they expect to be close to the leaders, and expect a voice in decisions. Therefore, the teams would need to be democratic in nature. The USA is also highly Individualistic, 91 on Hofstede’s dimensions (Hofstede Insights, 2019) showing that teams only function as long as every member can see the personal benefit of the team winning. I would make sure the team is evaluated on individual input and effort, not just as a team win. The USA scores a 46 on Uncertainty Avoidance (Hofstede Insights, 2019), so teams can work autonomously and, when a problem arises, they can have the freedom to problem solve without having to be micromanaged…)))))))))))))


QUESTION:Pick a country, other than your home country, that you might be interested to go work in as a manager. How might the cultural differences in Hofstede’s dimensions affect how you as a manager working in the foreign country you chose (a) use work groups, (b) develop goals/plans, (c) reward outstanding employee performance, and (d) deal with employee conflict?

Compare the dimensions of your home country with those in the country of choice. How are they similar or different?

Keep in mind that you are building a case for the country you choose, not deciding if you want to manage there or in your home country.

REQUIREMENTS:Minimum of 5 lines per question/1000 word.Typed: 1-inch margins all around, font size 12, font style Times New Roman.


  • Introduction – Why did you choose this country? A description of the country’s dimensions. How do they compare with your home country?
  • How would you design work groups?
  • How would you develop Goals/Plans
  • How would you reward outstanding behavior?
  • How would you deal with employee conflict?
  • Conclusion – Would you still want to manage in this country? Do you think your personal management dimensions would fit better in your home country or choice country? Etc.

Do not plagiarize! If you use information from a website or book, make sure you reference it, otherwise you will be in violation of the Student Academic Integrity Policy and receive a 0 grade.

I am giving you a list of articles that will help you as you write your Hofstede dimensions paper.

Little Book of Plagiarism.pdfPreview the document

WordsandPhrasestoAvoid.pdfPreview the document

meal_plan.pdfPreview the document

Citing Citations.PNG

Another great resource for citations is Purdue Owl APA.

APA Style | Part 2: Quoting (Links to an external site.)APA Style | Part 2: Quoting

APA Style | Part 3: Citations (Links to an external site.)APA Style | Part 3: Citations

APA References (Links to an external site.)APA References


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