“Is the PPACA legislation an improvement or a liability to our health care delivery system?”
May 8, 2018
Why is it important to understand how and why weather may affect mood?
May 8, 2018

The purpose of this 3 – 5 page paper is to gain a better understanding of how you developed into the person you are. You will gain insight by examining an experience from your past. Specifically, you will: a. Write a detailed desсrіption of a significant life event that has shaped how you think about other people or yourself. Describe your thoughts, feelings and behavior, and explain why this experience was so important. b. Analyze the experience using material provided in your textbook related to the psychology’s current perspectives (neuroscience, evolutionary, behavioral genetics, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and socio-cultural), which are summarized on page 7 of the textbook and expanded in modules later in the book. Specifically, identify which perspective best explains why this experience was so influential in your life. Support your choice.


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