this research paper is to interview a professional in your field of study to gain insight into your future discourse community
April 30, 2021
powerpoint presentation 111
April 30, 2021

will be 750-1250 words. Five sources are required, and your Instructor will clarify the expectations related to a format and your position. General expectations of formal, academic writing are required and associated conventions should be demonstrated.

And here is an outline for the paper to help but you can change it as what you want.
The Government of Florida should increase the funding of the University of South Florida because of many reasons. one of them I’m going to talk along about it here. which is the Moffit Cancer Center. Moffit center is one of the top 10 Cancers hospitals around the world. It is a non-profit center, most of the funds that it receives are from the University of South Florida. So, increasing the fund of the University will have a positive effect on the center to increase the researches and develop the center more and more to help all of those people who struggle from cancer around the world.
Position: The Government Should Increase the funding of the University of South Florida.
Claim: the increases in the funding of the University will help Moffit cancer center.
Evidence: Moffit Cancer depends mostly on the University of South Florida Funds.
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