Using the vignette provided below, critically evaluate a range of professional issues you are likely to encounter within your hypothetical role as a Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor, and how your training to date will help you to overcome some of these issues.
April 4, 2021
Leadership Development Plan 19771379 – My Perfect Tutors
April 4, 2021

This paper needs to be approximately three pages long.

Provide a brief summary of the plot, and discuss the parenting themes portrayed in this movie or TV show (themes like parenting styles, roles within family, developmental issues related to parenting, impact of divorce and other topics discussed in class).

Pick one movie (or a TV show) from the following list:

Lady Bird


Kramer vs. Kramer


Mrs. Doubtfire

The Parent Trap


Crazy Rich Asians


This is Us

Modern Family


Gilmore Girls

Pursuit Of Happiness


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